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’What Makes You Happy?’

The Importance of Reading Positive Books to little ones

I’m so proud of my very first book. Although I write across different genres, novels and screenplays, this is the first published book I have put out into the world.

It's no secret that reading to our little ones is important. It helps children learn and grow, and it opens up a world of new opportunities and perspectives. Many people don't realise that the types of books children read can have a big impact on their development. Particularly, reading positive books to children which can help them build confidence and feel good about themselves.

Here are four reasons why you should read positive, happy books to your child:

1) Positive books promote self-confidence and happiness.

Studies show that positive books promote self-confidence and joy in children. So next time you are looking for a new book to read to your little one, make sure it’s cheerful and leaves them smiling as they climb into their bed at the end of the day!

2) They teach valuable life lessons in a fun and engaging way.

Just as parents teach their children the value of good manners and kindness, they can also introduce them to life lessons through positive books. Such books show kids that no matter what life throws their way, they have the ability to overcome any obstacle with a little bit of effort and the right state of mind. In addition to being entertaining, happy and uplifting books can help children develop essential life skills such as resilience, optimism, and self-confidence. By reading these types of books together, parents can help their children learn that anything is possible with a little determination, smiles and hope.

3) Positive books can inspire children to follow their dreams.

If there's one thing all children's books have in common, it's that they inspire hope and optimism in their young readers. Whether it's a story about a character who overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles, or one that simply highlights the power of dreams and determination, these tales leave kids with a positive message that anything is possible. And that feeling of hope can be incredibly motivating, helping children to follow their dreams and achieve great things. So if you're looking for a way to encourage your child to believe in themselves, pick up a few inspiring kids' books!

4) They help children understand difficult emotions in a safe and healthy way

When children experience difficult emotions, it can be tough for them to understand and handle those feelings on their own. This is where cheerful, positive books can help! These books allow children to explore difficult emotions in a safe, healthy way. By reading about characters who are dealing with similar emotions, kids can learn how to cope with their own feelings in a constructive way. Books that encourage and bring a smile to little one’s faces can play an important role in a child's emotional development, and they are a great tool for helping kids grow into happy and healthy adults!

‘What Makes You Happy?’ was written for young children but I have learned that this topic is food for thought for those of all ages.

So, tell me… What makes YOU happy?

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